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Stephan Widera - a German artist

Stephan Widera is a German photographer, painter and mixed media artist. Widera’'s (often multi-media) works include also installation, film and writing. Characteristic of his work is the way in which he mixes different genres and artistic techniques.

He Widera was born in Bremen, studied design in Krefeld (Hochschule Niederrhein) with Professor Günther Dohr and Pprofessor Rolf Sachsse and became a visual artist. After graduating, he moved to Düsseldorf and met the artist Paul Schwietzke. Together they collaborated on many occasions and formed a group of contemporary surrealistic artists.

In his works, he Widera explores the absurdity of modern life, technology,  politics, society and media –- often in a humorous way. 

Stephan Widera’´s works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Europe and the United States, in Galleries, Museums and at Art Fairs.

Beside private collectors his works have been purchased by companies like Agfa, Deutsche Bahn, DiBa Bank, Ford, Lufthansa, Rémy Martin, Rewe, Shell, Deutsche Telekom, Toshiba and several advertisig agencies.

He is a member of the BBK (German Artists Association)
and listed in the artists-directory of the City of Düsseldorf

In the Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

Stephan Widera’s painted collages piece the world together in a new way, leaving nothing out that constitutes social reality. Whether advertising, consumerism and merchandise; the pharma industry; porn and eroticism; fashions and the so-called zeitgeist – nothing escapes Stephan Widera’s eye. He jauntily blends the historic with the modern, the serious with the banal, and incorporates slogans and headlines in his surreal visual worlds.

For this kaleidoscope of possibilities, Stephan Widera draws on material from the world of popular images and media, the origins of which always remain identifiable. 

Stephan Widera’s pictures are both colourful and playful. He appears to put together his works randomly with the seeming innocence of a child. However, what initially evokes an amused grin from the beholder soon takes on a life of its own with completely new potential relationships, sometimes acerbic, sometimes cheerful, but always with ironic clarity concealed behind it all.

It is with the same inscrutably humorous consideration that Stephan Widera devotes himself to art history. He counters the spirit of pop art with his highly charged social references. He allows constructivism to perform a fleet-footed, virtuoso dance. There is a nod to Vladimir Tatlin and Oskar Schlemmer. 

What is striking about Stephan Widera’s worlds is that there are no individualists, which is surely an accurate commentary on our current society. Stephan Widera’s pictures expose the mechanisms of propaganda and slogans as society constituting reality. Seen in this way, Stephan Widera is using his absurd visual worlds to not only actively engage in media and social critique, but also valid art critique – and does so with a charming twinkle in his eye.

Excerpt from a text of Dr. Stefanie Lucci


Krefeld, Museum Haus Greiffenhorst, 1991, Group exhibition

Brühl, Schloss Augustusburg, 1993, Winner ODOL Art-Competition

Bremen, Zentralkrankenhaus, 1993

Bremen, Überseemuseum, 1994

Krefeld, Kulturforum Alte Post, 1995, Group exhibition

St. Pölten (Österreich), Main Station, 1997

Krefeld, Deutsche Bank, 1999

Winner 8 x 4 Art-Competition 2002

Bremen, Gustav-Heinemann-Haus, 2003

Düsseldorf, Grosse Kunst-Ausstellung, 2005

Düsseldorf, Young German Art Gallery, 2007

Knokke (Belgien), Kunstraum Knokke, 2007

Miami (USA), Art Center South Beach, 2008

Knokke (Belgien), Young German Art Gallery, 2008

Waregem (Belgien), Kunstsalon, 2008

Düsseldorf, Young German Art Gallery, 2008

Gent (Belgien) Line Art, 2008

Essen, Zeche Zollverein, 2008

Krefeld, Art Gallery, 2009 (with Paul Schwietzke and Marcus Günther)

Knokke (Belgien), Young German Art Gallery, 2009

Düsseldorf, Young German Art Gallery, 2009

Berlin, Galerie am Gierkeplatz, 2009, Group exhibition

Krefeld, Surrealism Museum, 2009

Knokke (Belgien), Young German Art Gallery, 2009

Duisburg, Artfair NRW, 2010

Düsseldorf, Kunstraum NRW, 2010

Krefeld, Kunsthaus NRW, 2010

Duisburg, Cubus Kunsthalle, 2010, Group exhibition

Krefeld, Surrealismus Museum, 2010

Düsseldorf, Kunstraum NRW, 2011

Aachen, Kunsthaus NRW, 2011

Krefeld, Kunsthaus NRW, 2011

Düsseldorf, Atelierhaus Sittarder Straße, 2011

Aachen, Kunsthaus NRW, 2012

Krefeld, Kunsthaus NRW, 2012

Düsseldorf, Kunstraum Brunnen, 2012 (Group exhibition)

Krefeld, Surrealism Museum, 2013

Düsseldorf, BLB, 2013

Düsseldorf, Schutzraum, 2013 (Gruppenausstellung)

München, ponyhof artclub, 2013

Aachen, Kunsthaus NRW, 2014

Düsseldorf, Boui Boui, Nacht der Museen, 2014 (Gruppenausstellung)

plus several BBK exhibitions (Düsseldorf, Köln, Rhineland-Area)



Longterm art-project "The journey to Absurdistan"

Founding of artists-group "New Surrealists" with Paul Schwietzke ans Marcus Günther.

Surrealistic art-book project "Diary of a Robot".

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